Professional websites and shops with TYPO3, Shopware and Magento

More than 15 years of experience with TYPO3 and online shops

Are you looking for a professional programmer and freelancer for the TYPO3 CMS, Shopware or Magento systems?
So you are at the completely right place.

In the area of ​​eCommerce and webshops I work with the two shop systems Shopware and Magento, in the area of ​​CMS exclusively with TYPO3. Due to the high degree of freedom, flexibility and functionality, I trust each and every one of these systems. Which system is most suitable and sensible for you depends on the respective requirements. Whether you are looking for a TYPO3 freelancer or are looking for a shop developer - I am your right contact person in every respect.

It would be best if we talked about your project in detail.

My way of working as a TYPO3 programmer and freelancer

The implementation and realization of a TYPO3 website must be carried out in close cooperation with you. When programming a website, I use the latest tools. A short list of my skills are summarized as follows:

  • PHP / Frameworks (Symfony)
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • MySQL databases
  • Fluid Template-Engine
  • Extbase
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Git
  • Composer


Shopware Freelancer - 360° support and development

Do you intend to offer your products via the Internet or a Shopware online shop? Or are you already using a Shopware shop and would like to have it upgraded or further developed? Then you are in good hands with me.

Shopware offers you as an online retailer and me as a Shopware freelancer the opportunity for a successful online shop. Thanks to state-of-the-art web technology, Shopware is already optimally geared towards SEO (search engine optimization) in the standard installation. Due to the modular structure and the targeted user interface, Shopware is suitable for small to large companies. 

If you are a company or an agency looking for a Shopware Freelancer, then simply contact me and we can talk together about what you are planning as an online retailer.

Why use Magento as a shop system?

In addition to Shopware, the eCommerce shop system Magento is one of the world's leading shop systems. Just like Shopware, Magento's structure is modular and can be expanded with numerous plugins and modules, as well as additional functions through own programming and development based on own extensions.

As a Magento freelancer, I take over the conceptual design, the design/layout and the programming of your Magento online shop, as well as the expansion and, if necessary, the updates/upgrades to a new version.

As with Shopware, I am convinced of Magento's reliability and quality of such systems and love to give customers a future-oriented shop system so that you as a customer are enthusiastic about the product presentation.

TYPO3 freelancer, developer & SEO specialist

Your reliable partner for professional TYPO3 websites and very good top rankings in the search engines

When it comes to the development of professional TYPO3 websites, which are also optimally aligned on the technical side for search engine optimization (SEO), then as a TYPO3 freelancer I am your right contact. If required, I will support you and your team in all phases of your project, starting with planning and conception through to design, programming, quality assurance and going live or deployment.

Thanks to my many years of experience as a TYPO3 programmer and developer, I have very high quality standards for my work.

  • Optimization for mobile devices (responsive design)
  • A very good user experience
  • Very good visibility on Google & Co (SEO)
  • Perfect user-friendliness (usability)
  • Optimum performance at high loads
  • Barrier-free implementation of the templates
  • Data protection compliant implementation
  • Good maintainability of the source code
  • Extension programming with Extbase & Fluid