To ensure that all the malicious crawlers that search the Internet for e-mail addresses to send spam e-mails cannot find any e-mail addresses on your own website, you should disguise or protect the e-mail addresses.

In TYPO3 you can easily do it with the help of 2 lines of typoscript. To make the mail addresses unrecognizable for crawlers with Typoscript, simply add the following to your TS setup.

config.spamProtectEmailAddresses = 1
config.spamProtectEmailAddresses_atSubst = (AT)

The first line instructs TYPO3 that all e-mail addresses should be encrypted. With the second line you can freely define the replacement for the @ character. Once done, all addresses on the web page are now obfuscated and decrypted via a javascript function when you click on the mail address to open it in the email client.

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