TYPO3 website relaunch from your freelancer

Learn more about relaunching a website with TYPO3

How complex and extensive your TYPO3 relaunch will be depends on many different factors and also on the requirements of your company. There are many different extensions, from customer login to interface and database connections ... and much more. You might also want an extension tailored to your business. With a relaunch you can also take this into account and I will develop an extension according to your ideas.

Independent TYPO3 relaunch with responsive design

More and more Internet users are accessing the Internet or your website via a smartphone. As soon as your website becomes difficult to use or the content is difficult to read, they will immediately leave your website. In this case, you may lose valuable contacts and possibly potential new customers. If I tackle a TYPO3 website relaunch for you, I already take into account the different end devices and display sizes during the conception. So I guarantee you a perfect display on all devices.

Pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) directly during the relaunch

I take great care to ensure that your TYPO3 website is listed on Google & Co. is found. I take care of the structuring and structure of the content, as well as the technical aspects, i.e. everything that is good for on-page search engine optimization. This also includes the correct setting of the meta information and semantically correct source code.

If you wish, you can book me for a longer period of time, since search engine optimization (SEO) is generally a relatively lengthy process if you want to be successful in the long term and cannot be implemented overnight.

Google and the other search engines are always striving to display the best results in terms of search queries. To do this, certain criteria must be met for on-page and off-page optimization.